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Bible Study Outreach

15 Mar

I am involved in this wonderful Bible Study group that is comprised of wives of medical students. We range from first years to fourth years. We are nurses, teachers, students, stay-at-home moms and psych’s.

I L-O-V-E this group. We seriously have such a great time. One week last year we decided to do something a little different from our usual study. We wanted to reach out to the local homeless community. We originally wanted to cook something, but (can you believe this?) all the volunteer spots were filled for months! (woo-hoo community! nice!) So we started to brainstorm and eventually decided to make “bags”. Included in these bags were daily essentials (soap, socks, razor and shaving cream, toothbrush and paste, water, snacks, etc) and a list of local resources for them.

Little Baggy Guys

We kept these little baggy guys in our cars and handed them out whenever we came across someone in need. We all enjoyed it so much. Every bag I handed out was met with a “Thank you” and “God bless!”. I must admit something so you all don’t think that I am mother Teresa over here… I am one of THOSE people… you know, the one who pretends to not see the dirty man standing on the middle of the street holding a sign that screams “please help me”. Yup. That’s me. I don’t make eye contact. I turn on the radio… a little louder. Oh! Look over there! Wow! What’s that? Oh darn, light is green. Sorry dude. Sad. I know, but I was raised to think they were drunks who were on drugs and just wanted your money to buy more and that they were crazy/scary/dangerous.

*Funny side note: I once saw a homeless guys with a sign that read: “I’m not going to lie. It’s for beer” Bahahaha, at least he was honest! And another time I watched a guy leave his post in the middle of the street, walk to the parking lot, and get into his shiny Escalade. Hmmmm.*

Ok sorry, back to what I was saying. I never gave these guys/gals anything before. I always would judge them and just keep driving by. After we made these bags and were supposed to hand them out, I really started thinking about this. Just because some people are wanting some cash for drugs/alcohol doesn’t mean that’s what they are all after. And besides, these bags had no money in them at all. So the first time I saw someone and had the bags in my back seat, what do you think I did? I drove right past that guy! Ha! Such a chicken! Well I eventually came back after I was struck with life depressing guilt and handed him the bag. YAY ME! Well since then, I ran out of bags and made my own to pass out. My Bible Study got together again recently to make more bags. Here are some pics of us and all our loot!

Toothpaste and brushes to keep those pearly whites white!

Filling our baggy guys full of love!

For Christmas we each bought a new pair(s) of shoes and socks for the homeless TEENS in our community. (Doesn’t that just break your heart to hear there are homeless teens?)

What have you done for your community?