Match Day Fears

9 Feb

I hope this is my reaction when reading where we match to…

All smiles!


And not this…

Oh noooooooo!!!!

Special thanks to my super cute nephew for his many moods being captured on camera!

Wishing everyone success in this years Match!

*Only 36 more days! … but who’s counting right? πŸ˜‰


And The Grand Total Is…

3 Feb

So with interviews being done, J and I sat down to look and see what the damage was. Scared? It’s ok. It came to just over $5,000. I’m having mixed emotions… On one hand I am feeling very grateful that we were not THAT couple who ended up spending $10,000+ (sorry for those of you who did and are reading this), and yet on the other hand I am thinking HOLY CRAP! THAT’S A LOT OF $$$$!!!! [money, not a 4 letter word ;)] Just think of all the damage I could do shopping! Oh well.

J ended up going on 27 interviews for both intern year and radiology. Excessive much? Yeah, but what can we say? We like going WAY above and beyond the recommendations so that we can have peace of mind and sleep at night. LOL But in the end, I know it will be worth it. J will have a residency spot (dear Lord, PLEASE!) and the money we spent won’t matter because it will be in the past, errrr, right?

So now we are arguing discussing which programs should be first and at the top of the list πŸ˜‰ We really have the majority of the list done and have both agreed on mostly everything. Mostly. There are just a few programs he wants that I am not too sure about. So I am busy on Google trying to research everything I can.

Interviews: Check!

29 Jan

All of J’s interviews are officially over and we are DONE traveling! I am so looking forward to be being in our own home for more than a week! He had a great interview season and we are hard at work trying to figure out where to place each program. Any tips on what you may have learned/are learning from this process? Anything would be greatly appreciated!

The Bachelor and The Match

21 Jan

This Season's Bachelor of The Match

My good friend recently made a comparison between our favorite show The Bachelor and the match. Her husband is also in his 4th year and finishing up interviews for residency. So I am stealing her idea (but still giving her the credit) and sharing it with all of you because I love it so much!

So on The Bachelor (if you have lived in a cave and never watched it before) there is one lucky guy who gets to choose the love of his life from a group of women. These women are all drooling over him and trying to impress him so he will pick them. They may have only known him for oh, 3 hours or so, but mark-my-word, they LOVE him! He takes them out on dates, goes to their hometowns, and he eventually chooses one. Only she must choose him back. Of course there is drama and tears and cat-fights and just all-out-ridiculousness! (Which is of course why I love it oh-so-much!) Week by week he narrows it down. He only gives roses to fewer and fewer women each week, until only a handful are left.Β It’s always so entertaining to hear him say how he isΒ IN LOVE with 3, 4, 5+ women AT. THE. SAME. TIME. Come on, man! For real? Because he just can’t decide who he will ever pick (oh, the horror!) he needs his family’s input. And after hours and hours of deliberation, he has finally chosen her. He now knows who has stolen his heart and who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. And it is to her who he will present the final rose to. Awww, just so darn cute! πŸ˜‰

So on to the comparison…

My J is the lucky Bachelor. He has his “women” (radiology programs) all vying for his attention. He has been introduced to them, gotten to know them, heard how much they LOVE him, heard about all their best qualities and about all their not-so-good qualities. He has gone to their hometowns and seen them in “their element”. Β And now he has professed his love… but who will it be? Will it be one? OF COURSE NOT! Where’s the fun in that?!?!? πŸ˜‰ Yes, {sigh} my man has said those words, he loves MANY! gulp. So now comes decision time. But who will he choose? What will his family say? Do they have a favorite? Will J end up finding love in the end, or will he go home brokenhearted?

Unfortunately, only time will tell for this season’s results. We are going to have to wait until the finale to find out who it is. There are no sneak peaks this season. No previews. Β No news will be leaked out on the internet for us to google. And so we must wait. We must wait to see if his “chosen love” will accept the final rose he has presented to her…

Stay tuned. The finale episode will be shown on March 17th. Make sure to not miss the follow-up episode of “after the final rose”! πŸ˜‰

I’m still here!

17 Jan

Can it really have been over a month ago since my last post? yikes! I knew the Christmas/Interview season has been CRAZY, but wowza! Ok, so since I know you all are DYING to know what I have been up to πŸ˜‰ … let me catch you up to speed. Um basically just interviewing, working and opening some presents! (YAY!) J has been going all over for interviews. This last week he had 4 in one week! Talk about being exhausted! Anyway, he’s been doing great. He has only left minor things in hotel rooms in various states, but don’t worry, he has never forgotten his pants πŸ˜‰ He has been coming home with definite opinions of the programs, which has been very nice. I was afraid he would come home from them and love them all :/ but thankfully that has not been the case.

The interview I went on turned out to be great. Since J has chosen a speciality (radiology) where people are not as… uh… how should I put it?… uh… sociable… it was easy to start conversations with the residents. Sad, but true. The residents would ask questions and no one would answer. LOL. So after a LONG PAUSE J would answer. Eventually the residents gave up trying to get the other applicants to talk. HA! (Let me just say that not everyone was like this, some were very nice and talked) πŸ˜‰ Anyway, it went great. I didn’t do anything retarded and I think that having me there really showed the residents how serious we were considering their program. We loved the city and had a close friend give us tips on what neighborhoods would be a good option to live in. Its strange to actually think how close we are to MAYBE moving. 2 more months til match day! scary.

Moving on to Christmas…

Christmas was wonderful! It is my favorite holiday and I just love decorating the house, baking, shopping(!) and wrapping presents. My sister and I went over to my Grandma’s to bake. She taught us all her secrets, yipee! J ate them all in a week! I think he liked them πŸ˜‰ We spent one day with J’s family and another with mine. Both were fabulous! We just can’t get enough of them! Its especially fun when you have little nephews around smiling and being excited for Christmas morning! =)

With all this craziness of interviewing we decided we needed a vacation. So we went online, found a package deal, bought it and packed our bags. On the day after Christmas we flew out to Tahiti and Bora Bora. We have been DREAMING of this since planning our honeymoon and just went for it! And it was the best decision we ever made! We knew we would never get to go if we didn’t do it now. Let me just tell you that all the wonderful things you have heard about it are all true! We had an awesome time staying in the overwater bungalow(!) and soaking in the sun! totally great! I’ll just leave pictures for you πŸ˜€


A view from above of our bungalow

J relaxing and enjoying his view. I think he deserves it πŸ˜‰

Doing some snorkeling off our bungalow

Swimming under the bungalow. It had glass floors to see through! =)

My little monkey man climbing the trees

Swimming with sting rays. OMG so scary!

The most gorgeous sunsets!

As you can see IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. If you ever have a chance to go, GO!

Interview Season

5 Dec

Interview season is in full swing. J has been going all over the country to visit programs, while I am at home making the money so we can afford for him to interview wherever he wants. I haven’t yet been on a interview but all that is about to change come next week! Eeek! I am excited and nervous :/ The program he is going to has invited ME to the pre-interview dinner. Please Lord do NOT let me mess it up for him! Am I overreacting? I just really hope I don’t say anything that will totally ruin it for him. HA! I have a little history of having many blonde moments and saying things that really don’t make any sense. For example, J says that my vocabulary needs a little help. Sometimes he will inform me that the word I just used (so eloquently, might i add) is actually not a word at all. WHAT!? He claims I make up words. I, of course, protest and tell him to GOOGLE it, which then is always followed by a “you were right” coming out of my mouth. So, needless to say, I am restricting my vocabulary and word choice to 2-3 syllables per word. That should be safe right?

So I am very curious how these little dinners work. J has been telling me its just a get-to-know the residents time, but has also said that there were no spouses at them. So ladies, did any of you go to one? Any advice? I like details so please don’t feel the need to shorten or edit your reply! Thanks!

My New Nephew

12 Nov

Born on November 4th at 7:22pm weighing 6 lbs 2 oz and 19 1/4 inches. Here is our newest little addition to the family πŸ™‚