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Pre and Post Match

21 Mar

I can’t believe Match Day is over! I feel like my whole life was centered around this one event and now its over and done! SNAP! Just like that! But before it is officially over let me walk you through the weekend…

March 16 : Started the day off right by getting some Starbucks and heading to a local beauty spa to get a mani/pedi with some close friends who are wives of 4th yr med students. Then we went shopping for hats/shirts that represented the schools we were hoping(!) to match to! I got J a hat from the top 4 programs in our rank list (he had NO idea!) hee hee hee I’m so sly! 😉 Then J and I met up after he finished his rounding and got lunch. Then we went out with a big group of friends to celebrate someone’s birthday. They all came over and watched a movie until like 1 am! (I know, it’s not THAT late!) Then we attempted to fall asleep…

March 17 : Woke up WAY. TO. EARLY. so I curled my hair, did some laundry… you know the usual things do when getting ready in the morning 😉 Went to MATCH DAY! (more to come!) =D Went to lunch and got together with friends. Went out to dinner (seeing a theme? ;)) with our moms =) how cute are we? Then went and got some green beer to top it off!

March 18-20 : Took 2 couples in J’s med school class and went away for a weekend retreat to escape it all! Had a blast and got a few couples massages (FYI best thing ever to do post match!)

It really was a fun time! I feel like he has already graduated and we are moving on… weird, since he still has until the end of May for graduation. Oh well.



I’m still here!

17 Jan

Can it really have been over a month ago since my last post? yikes! I knew the Christmas/Interview season has been CRAZY, but wowza! Ok, so since I know you all are DYING to know what I have been up to 😉 … let me catch you up to speed. Um basically just interviewing, working and opening some presents! (YAY!) J has been going all over for interviews. This last week he had 4 in one week! Talk about being exhausted! Anyway, he’s been doing great. He has only left minor things in hotel rooms in various states, but don’t worry, he has never forgotten his pants 😉 He has been coming home with definite opinions of the programs, which has been very nice. I was afraid he would come home from them and love them all :/ but thankfully that has not been the case.

The interview I went on turned out to be great. Since J has chosen a speciality (radiology) where people are not as… uh… how should I put it?… uh… sociable… it was easy to start conversations with the residents. Sad, but true. The residents would ask questions and no one would answer. LOL. So after a LONG PAUSE J would answer. Eventually the residents gave up trying to get the other applicants to talk. HA! (Let me just say that not everyone was like this, some were very nice and talked) 😉 Anyway, it went great. I didn’t do anything retarded and I think that having me there really showed the residents how serious we were considering their program. We loved the city and had a close friend give us tips on what neighborhoods would be a good option to live in. Its strange to actually think how close we are to MAYBE moving. 2 more months til match day! scary.

Moving on to Christmas…

Christmas was wonderful! It is my favorite holiday and I just love decorating the house, baking, shopping(!) and wrapping presents. My sister and I went over to my Grandma’s to bake. She taught us all her secrets, yipee! J ate them all in a week! I think he liked them 😉 We spent one day with J’s family and another with mine. Both were fabulous! We just can’t get enough of them! Its especially fun when you have little nephews around smiling and being excited for Christmas morning! =)

With all this craziness of interviewing we decided we needed a vacation. So we went online, found a package deal, bought it and packed our bags. On the day after Christmas we flew out to Tahiti and Bora Bora. We have been DREAMING of this since planning our honeymoon and just went for it! And it was the best decision we ever made! We knew we would never get to go if we didn’t do it now. Let me just tell you that all the wonderful things you have heard about it are all true! We had an awesome time staying in the overwater bungalow(!) and soaking in the sun! totally great! I’ll just leave pictures for you 😀


A view from above of our bungalow

J relaxing and enjoying his view. I think he deserves it 😉

Doing some snorkeling off our bungalow

Swimming under the bungalow. It had glass floors to see through! =)

My little monkey man climbing the trees

Swimming with sting rays. OMG so scary!

The most gorgeous sunsets!

As you can see IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. If you ever have a chance to go, GO!


18 Sep

To finish off our vacation story… We left Paris and took a train ride under the chunnel and over to London. I {heart} London! It’s so green and full of rich colors!

Riding the London Eye was great! It was a prefect way to see the city from above. The weather here changes from minute to minute and makes for some exciting times! We walked to the eye in the wind and threats of rain. By the time we got on the rain clouds had passed and the skies were clear! Our strolls in London usually involved the parks at some point. This was our favorite part! So green and so beautiful! We spent an afternoon lazily sitting in the park enjoying our my ice cream 🙂 We were lucky enough to even fit in 3 shows! We saw Jersey Boys (J’s favorite!), Les Miserables and Love Never Dies. Quick little brag moment: Love Never Dies is Andrew Lloyd Weber’s new sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, which isn’t coming to the US until Fall of 2011! We loved it! Nick Jonas was even in Les Mis! So I would say we pretty much scored big time in the show department! 🙂

Riding the Underground is an experience all of its own! We are proud to say we never got lost and used it many times! woo hoo!

We spent most of the days wandering around the city seeing all that we could. We watched the changing of the guard (which was a lot longer than we expected it to be). It was this huge production with tons of people involved and tons of people watching all to finish with this one poor little guy left standing by his lonesome. Actually, he was very tall. So a poor tall guy standing by his lonesome. Of course one cannot go to London without doing a little shopping in Harrods! We took a little day-cation away from London and went to see Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath. We were amazed at how far those huge stones had to be moved at Stonehenge. At Salisbury Cathedral were were able to see 1 of 4 copies of the Magna Carta that was written in 1200! So crazy! Then we pretended we were in a Jane Austen novel while we strolled around Bath… ok maybe that was just me 🙂 All in all our time here was fabulous! I loved all the accents and the sites! We are trying to figure out how we can spend more time here in the future!


17 Sep

It’s been about a couple of months since we came home from our vacation. I am STILL wishing we were there! It was just so beautiful and full of history. We had such a great time. I keep renting movies that were filmed there and reading blogs about the cities. I know its pathetic, but that’s just me. When I really like something I become all about it! So I thought I would share my love for these cities with pictures that we took (and also so I can relive it) 🙂 Here is Part 1: Paris. Enjoy!

Welcome to Paris! The City of Lights is truly a romantic setting! We loved it all! From the food to the sites to the people. There is just so much going on and so much to see. We were here for 5 days but really could have stayed for 5 weeks! The food was terrific! We definitely loved all the macaroons and pastries that we consumed every day. Gained a little weight? Nope, not in Paris. You walk until your legs fall off… seriously!

We loved all the architecture and all the details that went into each and every building. This is my favorite bridge in Paris. Couples place locks on it and throw the keys into the river below as a symbol of their love to each other. How romantic 🙂 One of our favorite places was the Palace of Versailles, specifically the gardens. There are no words to describe this vastly HUGE place. If you’ve been there you know! I can’t even begin to think of how much it would cost to keep it up. However, I do think that its worth it! They are so beautiful! We were way back in the gardens taking a stroll when the clouds above us suddenly decided to open and drench us. Very fun memory 🙂

We were able to go into the Louve and see the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo among other things. The building that all these famous pieces of art are housed in is just as remarkable. It is huge! Someone told us you can be in the Louve for 6 months without seeing the same thing twice! We also went into Notre Dame.

We spent the last day in France going out to Normandy, where we saw the aftermath of what our brave soldiers went through. It was a very humbling experience and I can only imagine what it was like for them. I have always been very grateful to the men and women who are willing to sacrifice so much for us and seeing all of it just really drove that home. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to the people and the spouses who are currently serving! The craters that you see in the above picture are bomb craters. They are huge and are all over.