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Interview Season

5 Dec

Interview season is in full swing. J has been going all over the country to visit programs, while I am at home making the money so we can afford for him to interview wherever he wants. I haven’t yet been on a interview but all that is about to change come next week! Eeek! I am excited and nervous :/ The program he is going to has invited ME to the pre-interview dinner. Please Lord do NOT let me mess it up for him! Am I overreacting? I just really hope I don’t say anything that will totally ruin it for him. HA! I have a little history of having many blonde moments and saying things that really don’t make any sense. For example, J says that my vocabulary needs a little help. Sometimes he will inform me that the word I just used (so eloquently, might i add) is actually not a word at all. WHAT!? He claims I make up words. I, of course, protest and tell him to GOOGLE it, which then is always followed by a “you were right” coming out of my mouth. So, needless to say, I am restricting my vocabulary and word choice to 2-3 syllables per word. That should be safe right?

So I am very curious how these little dinners work. J has been telling me its just a get-to-know the residents time, but has also said that there were no spouses at them. So ladies, did any of you go to one? Any advice? I like details so please don’t feel the need to shorten or edit your reply! Thanks!