17 Sep

It’s been about a couple of months since we came home from our vacation. I am STILL wishing we were there! It was just so beautiful and full of history. We had such a great time. I keep renting movies that were filmed there and reading blogs about the cities. I know its pathetic, but that’s just me. When I really like something I become all about it! So I thought I would share my love for these cities with pictures that we took (and also so I can relive it) πŸ™‚ Here is Part 1: Paris. Enjoy!

Welcome to Paris! The City of Lights is truly a romantic setting! We loved it all! From the food to the sites to the people. There is just so much going on and so much to see. We were here for 5 days but really could have stayed for 5 weeks! The food was terrific! We definitely loved all the macaroons and pastries that we consumed every day. Gained a little weight? Nope, not in Paris. You walk until your legs fall off… seriously!

We loved all the architecture and all the details that went into each and every building. This is my favorite bridge in Paris. Couples place locks on it and throw the keys into the river below as a symbol of their love to each other. How romantic πŸ™‚ One of our favorite places was the Palace of Versailles, specifically the gardens. There are no words to describe this vastly HUGE place. If you’ve been there you know! I can’t even begin to think of how much it would cost to keep it up. However, I do think that its worth it! They are so beautiful! We were way back in the gardens taking a stroll when the clouds above us suddenly decided to open and drench us. Very fun memory πŸ™‚

We were able to go into the Louve and see the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo among other things. The building that all these famous pieces of art are housed in is just as remarkable. It is huge! Someone told us you can be in the Louve for 6 months without seeing the same thing twice! We also went into Notre Dame.

We spent the last day in France going out to Normandy, where we saw the aftermath of what our brave soldiers went through. It was a very humbling experience and I can only imagine what it was like for them. I have always been very grateful to the men and women who are willing to sacrifice so much for us and seeing all of it just really drove that home. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to the people and the spouses who are currently serving! The craters that you see in the above picture are bomb craters. They are huge and are all over.


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