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To Go or Not To Go

29 Sep

So interview season is starting to come around and J and I have been talking about which interviews I should go on. Do I go on only the ones where we think we will end up? Do I only go on the ones that would make a fun 2-3 day vacation destination? Do I go on all for the “just in case” factor? I just don’t know. What is your opinion? How well can you get to know a place by visiting it for just a few days?


Medical School Retreat

26 Sep

We just got back from our weekend retreat in the mountains with J’s medical school. Every year the school clears the schedule so the entire school can all go on a retreat together. Of course, not everyone comes, but a good majority make it up for some part. It is always so much fun. I can’t believe this will be our last year going 😦 How can 4 years go by so slowly and yet so quickly? I really just do not know. Anyway… what does one do on a medical school retreat? Well talk medicine of course! lol Well, at least that was what we did when we were first and second years. This year however, it was all about interviews and places we would like to live (like we have any say in the matter!)

Each year a talent show is put on. You know, the ones where people get up and show off their lack of talent? Well this talent show was ACTUALLY good! We had comedy acts that were funny, people playing instruments who were amazing and singers who could sing! wow! imagine that! But my favorite this year was done by 3 girls from my Bible study. The wives went up and did a skit about what it’s like being married to a first year medical student. Can I just say that I was laughing so hard I was crying! Some of the things are just so true! Like studying while eating dinner together. Like being “initiated into the fraternity of victims of physical diagnosis” (aka you are now the most convenient person to act like your husbands personal patient for his studying purposes). Does anyone else remember the retina exam!?!? My eyes hurt so bad from that stupid light! HA! They did a great job and had everyone laughing! I have a video but am trying to learn how to post it on here. So until then you can just imagine it 🙂

Anyway, we had a great time and got to spend time with some of our closest friends who we have gone through medical school with! Sad that this was our last time, but looking forward to what is still to come!


24 Sep

We got one! YAHOO! =D

I can’t even begin to express how this totally just made our day! We were getting so anxious about when they would start coming! Hooray for us! Yipee! Woo hoo!

Yes… I am excited.


18 Sep

To finish off our vacation story… We left Paris and took a train ride under the chunnel and over to London. I {heart} London! It’s so green and full of rich colors!

Riding the London Eye was great! It was a prefect way to see the city from above. The weather here changes from minute to minute and makes for some exciting times! We walked to the eye in the wind and threats of rain. By the time we got on the rain clouds had passed and the skies were clear! Our strolls in London usually involved the parks at some point. This was our favorite part! So green and so beautiful! We spent an afternoon lazily sitting in the park enjoying our my ice cream 🙂 We were lucky enough to even fit in 3 shows! We saw Jersey Boys (J’s favorite!), Les Miserables and Love Never Dies. Quick little brag moment: Love Never Dies is Andrew Lloyd Weber’s new sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, which isn’t coming to the US until Fall of 2011! We loved it! Nick Jonas was even in Les Mis! So I would say we pretty much scored big time in the show department! 🙂

Riding the Underground is an experience all of its own! We are proud to say we never got lost and used it many times! woo hoo!

We spent most of the days wandering around the city seeing all that we could. We watched the changing of the guard (which was a lot longer than we expected it to be). It was this huge production with tons of people involved and tons of people watching all to finish with this one poor little guy left standing by his lonesome. Actually, he was very tall. So a poor tall guy standing by his lonesome. Of course one cannot go to London without doing a little shopping in Harrods! We took a little day-cation away from London and went to see Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath. We were amazed at how far those huge stones had to be moved at Stonehenge. At Salisbury Cathedral were were able to see 1 of 4 copies of the Magna Carta that was written in 1200! So crazy! Then we pretended we were in a Jane Austen novel while we strolled around Bath… ok maybe that was just me 🙂 All in all our time here was fabulous! I loved all the accents and the sites! We are trying to figure out how we can spend more time here in the future!


17 Sep

It’s been about a couple of months since we came home from our vacation. I am STILL wishing we were there! It was just so beautiful and full of history. We had such a great time. I keep renting movies that were filmed there and reading blogs about the cities. I know its pathetic, but that’s just me. When I really like something I become all about it! So I thought I would share my love for these cities with pictures that we took (and also so I can relive it) 🙂 Here is Part 1: Paris. Enjoy!

Welcome to Paris! The City of Lights is truly a romantic setting! We loved it all! From the food to the sites to the people. There is just so much going on and so much to see. We were here for 5 days but really could have stayed for 5 weeks! The food was terrific! We definitely loved all the macaroons and pastries that we consumed every day. Gained a little weight? Nope, not in Paris. You walk until your legs fall off… seriously!

We loved all the architecture and all the details that went into each and every building. This is my favorite bridge in Paris. Couples place locks on it and throw the keys into the river below as a symbol of their love to each other. How romantic 🙂 One of our favorite places was the Palace of Versailles, specifically the gardens. There are no words to describe this vastly HUGE place. If you’ve been there you know! I can’t even begin to think of how much it would cost to keep it up. However, I do think that its worth it! They are so beautiful! We were way back in the gardens taking a stroll when the clouds above us suddenly decided to open and drench us. Very fun memory 🙂

We were able to go into the Louve and see the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo among other things. The building that all these famous pieces of art are housed in is just as remarkable. It is huge! Someone told us you can be in the Louve for 6 months without seeing the same thing twice! We also went into Notre Dame.

We spent the last day in France going out to Normandy, where we saw the aftermath of what our brave soldiers went through. It was a very humbling experience and I can only imagine what it was like for them. I have always been very grateful to the men and women who are willing to sacrifice so much for us and seeing all of it just really drove that home. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to the people and the spouses who are currently serving! The craters that you see in the above picture are bomb craters. They are huge and are all over.


14 Sep

So it has been almost 2 weeks since we submitted his our application. In my head the process went like this…

Day 1: submit application.

Day 2: receive numerous offers and be overwhelmed with everyone wanting him us in their program! 🙂

The way it actually went…

Day 1: application submitted.

Day 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… 11… 12… 13… still waiting…

Oh well, I guess you have to make your expectations slightly realistic 😉 HA! So we must continue to wait and our excel spread sheet {I LOVE LISTS!} must continue to wait to be written on until someone emails us. J has reassured me that he has been checking the forum {where everyone has been posting dates of interviews that the programs are offering} and the programs we have applied to have not offered any interviews yet. So we wait… I can’t believe it has only been 2 weeks! Blurg!


11 Sep

On this day of sadness and remembrance I have something to celebrate. My youngest brother is 18 today! I can’t believe he is an adult and not the tiny little “chubby cheeks” anymore! Happy Birthday Bro! Love you!