Nurse and Patient

28 Aug

When you are a nurse you get to see a lot of people in their not-so-greatest moments. Some people come in for their scheduled surgeries and bring their whole house with them! Seriously. They have their hair drier, curling iron, make-up, super-zoom makeup mirror, dresses, slippers, bathrobes, etc. etc. It’s quite hilarious when you are packing up their stuff for them to go home and they say “oh wow, looks like I brought too much stuff huh?” HA! yeah! Patients can say the darnedest things.

One day last month my patient told me the oddest thing. I say last month because I seriously have been thinking about it ever since then. I was helping this patient to the bathroom and thought to myself “oh, I am going to be nice and not just drop you off in the bathroom but I will actually get it all ready, toilet seat cover and all”. So I’m in there making it all perfect and expect to hear from this patient “oh thank you!” but what do I hear… “um… that’s backwards. You need to turn it around”. I’m looking at the toilet thinking no way is that backwards what are you talking about?!?!? Then they say all irritated and stuff “the cover! the cover is backwards”. So I obediently turn it around, get them to pee, return them to bed and go about the rest of my day. But every time i have used a public restroom and put down the little paper toilet seat cover I think to myself “have I really been putting it on backwards my whole life?” This is madness! Who cares? As long as it protects my bum I should be happy. But its just something I can’t stop thinking about. So here is the question… Does the little cut out piece go towards the back like this picture or does it go towards the front? Please help!


2 Responses to “Nurse and Patient”

  1. Jeff August 29, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    hahaha! You never told me this one babe! Love it!

    I think it depends on if you are a guy or a girl. Guys have to put it forwards for added protection of you know who…and girls get to choose I guess, ha!

  2. Miljoy January 10, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Hahaha. It’s towards the back! For the ladies, anyway.

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