From the Beginning…

15 Aug

Since every story has a beginning, and this being my first post and all, I will start with our beginning. J and I met when we were 12, but don’t worry… we didn’t start dating until we were 16… ha! Our first date was to church (where we still attend). This is a picture of us on our very first date =)

Even from the beginning I knew that J wanted to be a doctor. He was always talking about it and dreaming of “the one day when”. The real question was “what am I going to be when I grow up?” Well the time came when I was supposed to start college, and since I didn’t have a CLUE of what I was going to do, I played volleyball instead! =) Well that was fun and all, until I decided that intramural basketball would be a fun idea… POP went my knee and next thing I knew I had a torn ACL and meniscus. The reconstructive surgery took 6 months to recover from. Here is J being an oh-so-good boyfriend before the surgery… He was an even better one after. Taking me to PT and just being there for me. After that experience my mind was made up on what to do with my life: Nursing. God just has a way of leading us in the direction He knows is best for us. It doesn’t always make sense at the time, but He sure knows what He is doing! Nursing school was challenging, fun and really introduced me into the world that I knew was in my future… MEDICINE. Here is us at my nursing dedication…

So I went through nursing school as J was getting his BA in Business Administration with a minor in Chemistry along with all the stuff that being Pre-Med required. Then the boy asked the girl and she said YES =) Our wedding was magical, personal and beautiful. We were surrounded by our family and friends and loved every second! J was even dressed up as a surgeon during the reception for the garter removal!

Next on the time-line was medical school. (I know there is a lot in between that I have missed but this is just a quick look back.) We’ve been through every step together on this crazy journey. From middle school, high school, college, the MCAT, and now medical school. Here’s my {almost} doctor on his first day of medical school…

So why start a blog now? Well I really wished I would have started one on the first day of medical school so you could have seen how much we have grown and learned throughout this process. We have both had to make a lot of sacrifices along the way and have really learned how to rely on God during the hard times. To help me cope we got a little puppy who I named Gavin.

So this is who we are: a married couple (with a dog) trying to survive and thrive in life as we go through medical school and eventually on to residency. Wherever that may take us we will be together and you can be sure that the doctor’s wife is in…


One Response to “From the Beginning…”

  1. acotsenmoyer August 15, 2010 at 3:37 pm #

    Yay yay yay! So cute. Good job Ev! I am so excited to read all about your little shenanigins 😉

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