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Freaking Out

31 Aug

There is something about major uncertainty when it comes to choosing places to live for the next 5 years! Tomorrow is September 1st. This is the day that applications can be submitted for residency. YIKES! We have had our list of places chosen for a little over a week and are pretty happy with our options. But last night was a total freak out session! It was filled with what if this or what if that‘s. And as many of you know, those are nasty questions that can send you in a downward spiral. We eventually calmed down and came to the conclusion that God ultimately has control. It is our responsibility to place the programs on the list (a good mix of places that are on the I WISH list, the MOST LIKELY list and the JUST IN CASE list). From there God will open up the doors to the places he wants us to explore. It is just so darn nerve racking! How do we know?!?!? The possibilities are endless. But for now all we can do is pray and have faith that God is in control and will always look out for us.


Blog Tour

30 Aug

Sometimes the countless hours you spend perusing the internet can actually pay off! I have been searching blogs to find other medical spouses (in school and residency) so that I can both learn from what they have gone through and relate to those who are going through school. And I have actually been successful! HAZA! I then came across this site and learned about the blog tour where we all share our story of medical school. So here it goes… the short version.

MSI- The first year was all about establishing a routine. My STUDent MD loves to study. Seriously. He spent probably every weekday and weekend in his office chair studying for hours upon hours. So much so that he needed a new chair by the end of the year! HA! So this year was full of finding balance between his love for the books and his love for me. I will never forget when he came after finishing his first test week. I forget how many he had (I’m sure it was like 8 or something) but after he came home and was finished, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of us. I was crying. He was crying. It was the moment when we realized that yes, the years are going to be hard, but we can do it! Not all the horror stories were true.

MSI Summer – He did research… best decision ever! {for us} He got so many publications and articles! So much fun to see his article on the COVER of a medical journal! Still so proud!!!

MSII- A fabulous year! This was the year where we learned that spending more time with each other can be done and still do well in school. This year was much easier on us. We had already established our routine from the first year, so this year we introduced more fun times. The last month was like a kick in the booty when he was studying for boards, but hey! I’ll take one month over one year! Boards treated him very well and opened up so many opportunities so it was worth it!

MSIII- What just happened?!?!? We started with the hardest rotations and ended with the easier ones. We are a balls-to-the-wall kind of couple. 😉 Lets get this hard stuff over with so we can play when we are tired of it! This year was full of changes and lonely nights for me while he was in the hospital :/ But we survived and even got a little vacation in there at the end to Paris and London! 🙂 {btw: I really loved it there!}

MSIV- Hello. This is where we are now. I am very excited about where this year and his passion for radiology will take us. Of all the years this one is both the most exciting and anxiety filled! With applications {due on Wednesday… YIKES!}, interviews, etc. etc. there are so many unknowns at this point! I am just excited to see where it will all lead! But for now we are just enjoying his days of leaving around 8am, coming home for lunch, and ending the day around 5pm… ahhhh! this is the life! We love you MSIV!

I would love to hear ANY and ALL advice any of you have! Thanks for stopping by!

Nurse and Patient

28 Aug

When you are a nurse you get to see a lot of people in their not-so-greatest moments. Some people come in for their scheduled surgeries and bring their whole house with them! Seriously. They have their hair drier, curling iron, make-up, super-zoom makeup mirror, dresses, slippers, bathrobes, etc. etc. It’s quite hilarious when you are packing up their stuff for them to go home and they say “oh wow, looks like I brought too much stuff huh?” HA! yeah! Patients can say the darnedest things.

One day last month my patient told me the oddest thing. I say last month because I seriously have been thinking about it ever since then. I was helping this patient to the bathroom and thought to myself “oh, I am going to be nice and not just drop you off in the bathroom but I will actually get it all ready, toilet seat cover and all”. So I’m in there making it all perfect and expect to hear from this patient “oh thank you!” but what do I hear… “um… that’s backwards. You need to turn it around”. I’m looking at the toilet thinking no way is that backwards what are you talking about?!?!? Then they say all irritated and stuff “the cover! the cover is backwards”. So I obediently turn it around, get them to pee, return them to bed and go about the rest of my day. But every time i have used a public restroom and put down the little paper toilet seat cover I think to myself “have I really been putting it on backwards my whole life?” This is madness! Who cares? As long as it protects my bum I should be happy. But its just something I can’t stop thinking about. So here is the question… Does the little cut out piece go towards the back like this picture or does it go towards the front? Please help!

Ant Invasion!

25 Aug

There’s nothing like going on a vacation for a much needed break. With all the stress and long hours that medical school and our lives require and demand of us, it’s so nice to just simply get away. But even if you can get away, you must still come back. Sometimes its refreshing to be home and in your own comfy bed, expect when the moment you come in the door you find out that your house has been invaded by ants! Millions and millions! All the cousins and aunts and uncles! And they keep coming! No matter what we do, they still come back. They are in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the office, the laundry room… everywhere! I found them attacking my shampoo! What the heck? Its been such a pain. We have had so many people tell us tricks to do and we have done them, but still they come back. And its so disgusting. I clean the house, searching every corner and crevice for them. I clean them up and feel like I have really gained control back and BAM! There they are again! There are moments in life when self control goes out the window and one must simply scream in order to remain sane. This is that moment! AHHHHHHHHHHH! J thinks my lack-of-control is hilarious and laughs every time I get frustrated. He says “honey, its just a little ant.” He then nicely sprays the little ant and sends him off to his little ant grave. This is the moment I usually pick to throw a tantrum and tell him how much I hate ants. I hate them so much I even dreamt of them last night. I am not making this up! I was taking a walk with a friend and we were waiting at a light to cross the street and noticed a huge army of ants nearby. GAME ON. I followed the trail like a detective and found the hole where they lived. HA-ZA! I then pulled out my trusty can of RAID and emptied the entire can in their little hole! (Because in dreams you can have whatever you want at any moment you want!) Then nearby I found a huge piece of cement and threw it with super-human strength as hard as I could onto the opening. TAKE THAT! The hole then sealed over and all the ants were dead! VICTORY! I woke up thinking 2 things: first that I was so awesome for being so cool that I could wipe out the ants, and second, that I really am crazed because I just dreamt of ants! HA! I then got out of bed and walked into the bathroom where one little anty guy was roaming around the sink counter. So since these ants insist on living with me, I will continue to keep RAID in every room of my house until they finally get the message that they are not welcome! I surely hope someone else out there loathes the ant as much as I do. We will be instant friends.

Here, There, Anywhere!

22 Aug

I feel like this last year of med school is just going to fly by so fast! September 1st is quickly approaching! This marks the day when we can submit our choices for the places we would like to apply to for residency. As of right now we have over 70 places on the list! It just seems so overwhelming… there are so many great places and programs for us to choose from. J’s residency is 5 years, but it can be split up as 1 year (intern year) and 4 years. We can choose to go to different places or do it all in one place. Having this opportunity opens up the doors for moving and being able to experience a different part of the country. Now, you must understand something: our families, Jr. High, High School, College and Medical School are all within a 30 min block of each other. Moving would be a big GINORMOUS deal and a complete change for us! Scary!

We just spent the evening with some of our very close friends, Dev and Mel who are moving in 10 days across the country! It was so great to pick their brains and see how things are changing/will change for them. Their excitement and joy was contagious! Just hearing their plans and how BRAVE they are has really encouraged me to be open to the fact that this might be happening to us soon.  Because when it comes down to it, we really do not have the final say in where we end up. We can try, but we know God (and the match) really have the final say. We have been praying that God will lead us where He wants us to be. If you would have asked us where our #1 choice was a year ago, we would have said we didn’t want to move and we wanted to stay right where we are, in our comfort zones. But we both have felt the gentle tugging on our hearts to be open to leaving. At this point there are still so many unknowns and all we can do is be open to the different possibilities. But how fun would it be to live in a big city like New York or Boston or Chicago or Miami or LA or Denver or Dallas or Seattle??? When it comes down to it, all we want to be is obedient to God. We know he has a plan for us. The only question is is when the time comes will we be willing? We have seen this obedience before. My sister and brother-in-law showed us just how their faith is more than believing. They were called to leave everything and move across the country. The lessons they learned and the growth they went through together have left a big impact on me. So this is where we are: we are open to leaving our home in order to be obedient to wherever God sees is the best place for us. We will continue to pray that the place He has in mind will be obvious to us!

Friend Friday

20 Aug

When your husband is super busy and you only work 3 days a week you HAVE to find something to do or you will go stir crazy! I have found many things to do like shop at Target, shop at the mall, shop at Forever 21… you know, all the very time consuming and very important things 😉 But the days I love the most are the ones I spend with family and friends. Only working 3 days a week has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: malls/stores are NOT crowded on Mondays 🙂 Disadvantage: almost everyone works on Mondays 😦 But my very good friend since 7th grade, Amy, has helped solve that one for me. At her last job she used to have Wednesdays off. We would go to Glen Ivy, lunch, Twilight showings (HA!), shopping, disneyland, etc. But that job was uber-dangerous… like guns and threats dangerous… so now she has a much better job, with an awesome co-worker Natalee and an hour long lunch break! (So long compared to my dismal 30 min break!) So, needless to say, I simply text her, say I’m hungry, and off we go! Things have changed a little since the day I received a call asking how accurate the pregnancy tests are… (99% my friend!) But this has made the last year so much fun! But let me take you back to the beginning…

Amy and I met when I was in the 7th grade during volleyball tryouts. We were pretty much the best people there… HA! Just kidding! We just got along really well, mostly because she was nice to me. You see, she was a “big” 8th grader and I was just some new “little” 7th grader. Ah the drama of middle school! Amy has always been such a great friend to me. She is always making me laugh and is always there for me. We were pretty much amazing during high school sports… Since our high school was small our team pretty much stayed the same from junior high and throughout high school. Of course there were people graduating and newbies coming in, but the core group was pretty much there the whole time. This is us during my freshman year of basketball. Ok, to be honest, we really sucked! HA! But we loved it! And we thought we were super cool cause we were on the Varsity team. We played together until she left me for college. Here are some other highlights from high school…

There’s just nothing like a best friend! During college we were both busy getting degrees and whatnot, but life has a way of keeping friends connected (before facebook and blogs) Amy and I both started dating our hubbies during hight school. In fact, our first dates were like 2 days apart. Its fun when you go through the same stages at the same time. This is us in each other’s weddings…

So on with the recent stuff… like I said she is having a baby… SOON! So I thought I would recap these past months before the baby gets here! Amy’s co-worker Natalee is amazing and very creative! Amy has had some very fun and exciting showers because of her. One I was a part of was a gender reveal party… Amy forced me to be the ONLY person who knew the gender of the baby and to reveal it at her party (like a month later! so hard!). So I have another friend who makes cakes and saw a picture of a cake in the shape of a pregnant belly. How perfect I thought, so I recruited the help of my family and we all made Amy’s reveal cake. It was such a blast and who knew we could just do that out of no where!?! So the party turned out great and Amy got it all on video! So cute! The cake inside was PINK, much to the surprise of the parents! HA! I don’t think she still fully believes its a girl. lol Anyway, I think I could probably go on and on and this would be the longest post known to man! But since I think Amy is the only one who reads this blog I know she’ll like it! haha! Thanks for being the best friend I could ever ask for Amy! Can’t wait to meet your cute lil one in a few more weeks!

PS~ She’s going to kill me for some of these pictures! HA! Am, just be glad I didn’t post some of the others 😉

Friendship and Pasta Bags

17 Aug

J and I are part of a group from med school called JMA. Basically what we do in this group is meet other married medical students/spouses, eat together and just hang out.  When J was in his orientation week for the first year of med school he came home with a bag of pasta and a jar of pasta sauce. He told me a “group” gave it to him and invited us to a “get together” later that week. So I’m thinking, oh no! do they really think we are going to be that poor and time deprived that we can’t afford a dinner?!?! Well after some research we discovered it was a married couples group. Phew! So we get in our car and drive to the impossible-to-find-house and meet others who basically are just as scared and unsure of what we just got ourselves into! What is it about the automatic friendship that builds when you meet someone and they know EXACTLY what you are going through and then go through it with you? It’s like when you are on a sports team. Everyone is working hard, sweating, going through highs and lows and all the while building something that no one else can {seemingly} understand. Well, anyway, we ended up having a great time. We met some interesting people 😉 and also some people who we became very close with. We stayed in the group every year and have continually gotten more and more involved. This year I am actually VP! HA!

In truth, I really think this group has been life changing and life saving! Most of us know what it feels like to start at a new school or new job where you don’t know a soul. Its scary and very intimidating, but at least you know you will be studying/working with these people and will get to know them eventually. Now imagine moving across the country into this unknown world and being the spouse of this person. You have no job, no friends and don’t know how you are going to survive for the next 4 years! I know you are thinking “but you lived in riverside before! that’s not moving across the country!” True, true. But this is the story of many of my friends and it very well could be my story if the match sends us off to Timbuktu! 😦

Last Friday we had our first event of the year where all the newbies and the oldies come and meet. It was really a great event. We had over 70 people there! I really hope that this group can be of as much comfort to these students and spouses as it was for us.

The most exciting “first JMA event” for me was last year at the beginning of our 3rd year. We met so many great people and we do so much together now! These wives are amazing and I am so glad they are in my life! We have Bible studies, beach trips, PROMs, dinners, movie nights, etc. etc. I am just so thankful for all these girls! Here are some pics of the event!