Match Day

28 Mar

I have been dragging my feet about posting about our Match Day because I really don’t want to reveal where we are going. NOT because I am embarrased about where we ended up, auย contraire. We are thrilled(!) with our match. It’s more about the whole google your name and up comes your address, phone number, social security number and debit card pin that freaks me out! So I figure if I at least TRY to keep our location on the D.L. then maybe I won’t have nightmares about people finding me! Paranoid? Maybe, but J still has many, many more overnight calls to do. Which means I will be HOME ALONE! And I saw that movie so I know all the bad things that can happen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways, back to our Match Day. It was seriously the most exciting and anticipated day EVER. While waiting for our envelopes to be handed out, other wives were saying how it was like their wedding day. Full and anticipation and excitement. I don’t know about y’all but my wedding day was NOT like Match Day. Our wedding was full of joy, love, all things romantic and THE KNOWN! I knew we were going to be married. I knew we were going on a honeymoon the next day. I knew we would be starting med school right out of the gate. I knew the home we would be living in. Match Day… not so much. I knew NOTHING! I was just so freaking excited to find outย something!

So J and I woke up way too early after staying up way too late the night before. We got all dolled up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Match Day because we are fun like that.











So we get to the building where our fate is being handed out and meet up with some friends outside. They all laugh at our outfits. (btw, seriously? No one else thought of dressing up for fun on St. Pat’s Day? COME ON!! LAME!!) Our other friends (who I all convinced should dress up hee hee hee) finally arrived and into the room we are taken.

They try to convince us that we are hungry and should eat. I got food, looked at it and thought I was going to throw up. So into the trash it went. J ate every bite of his. Then it happened. No, not handing out the envelopes. Just the Dean walking around with the envelopes in his hand! How RUDE!!! oh the torture! Then they get up and make announcements about the class’ stats. Like how many states the students matched at, how many is in each specialty, etc. etc. Then with no warning they called a name out. I, however, didn’t realize this name was a person in the class until J yelled out “What!?!? We’re starting!?!?” Then my heart dropped and I was glad there was nothing in my stomach. Names were being called out left and right! BOOM a name and then BOOM another name. J must have been freaking out cause he was yelling for them to “slow down! It’s too fast!” Too fast, love? No way! Let’s get to your name! The anticipation was killing us!

So they are calling out names and no one sitting in our group of 20 (med students + wives) is being called. Not one. We are all just sitting there. Blah! Then, by the mercy of all that is holy, they called J’s name. He stands up and then proceeds to RUN to the front to pick up his enevelope.

He runs back to me and sits down. We smile for a cute little picture.

And then…

Suspensful, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

J says he’s not going to open it.

We sit there.

I look at the envelope and then back to J. Envelope, J. Everyone is yelling for him to open it, but he’s not moving. He’s just staring at it.

Hold up. Wait just a second. What the heck is going on? Why are we not opening it?

I lovingly and supportingly sit there, give him a gentle little hug and say “Dear, open the BEEPing letter. Please.” Ha! (Sorry mom!)

So J starts to open to letter. Everyone around us is closing in wanting to see where we matched to. I am feaking out. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Out comes the tri(!)folded sheet of paper. He opens the top and all you can see is the letterhead and bunch of other boring words.

But there is a slight viewing of the words “Congratulations, you have matched!” Open it a little more and all this other nonsense mumbo-jumbo…

And then we see it.

Well, I guess I saw it first ๐Ÿ˜‰ You have matched into Radiology- Diagnostic at blank blank blank blank blank blank blank (blanks not equivalent to name of place). It seems so anti-climactic to not say where. I want to tell you all and brag about what a great place my husband got into. How all his hard work paid off and how I couldn’t be more grateful for his dedication to doing his best every single day for 4 straight years. All those days he missed playing and spending time with me and our families were not left in vain. He did it! He got into residency for radiology at an awesome place!

We were so excited and beyond grateful. I didn’t cry while there, but I cried when I watched the video of us opening the envelope after we got home. It was just so right. God knows what he is doing and we couldn’t be happier. We ended up getting our #3 pick for intern year and our #3 pick for Radiology (which we expected to get since #1 and #2 were both a pretty wishful ranking).

I then presented J with a hat from the place we matched to.

I had secretly picked out hats from our top 4 places and brought them with me! Sneaky! Wait,ย what? This isn’t the nba draft? Shoot! Oh well. (I highly reccomend getting something from the places you might end up at. J really loved it!)

We talked with everyone and found out where they were all going. Some are staying and some are going. Most people were either really excited or happy. We really didn’t talk with many people who were totally shocked and bummed at where they ended up. It was a good day! Yay for Match Day!

PS ~ Why yes, I did make my own little match day shirt! Thanks for asking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were completly and emotionally exhausted! Such a great day! The next chapter of our lives is about to begin!


Pre and Post Match

21 Mar

I can’t believe Match Day is over! I feel like my whole life was centered around this one event and now its over and done! SNAP! Just like that! But before it is officially over let me walk you through the weekend…

March 16 : Started the day off right by getting some Starbucks and heading to a local beauty spa to get a mani/pedi with some close friends who are wives of 4th yr med students. Then we went shopping for hats/shirts that represented the schools we were hoping(!) to match to! I got J a hat from the top 4 programs in our rank list (he had NO idea!) hee hee hee I’m so sly! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then J and I met up after he finished his rounding and got lunch. Then we went out with a big group of friends to celebrate someone’s birthday. They all came over and watched a movie until like 1 am! (I know, it’s not THAT late!) Then we attempted to fall asleep…

March 17 : Woke up WAY. TO. EARLY. so I curled my hair, did some laundry… you know the usual things do when getting ready in the morning ๐Ÿ˜‰ Went to MATCH DAY! (more to come!) =D Went to lunch and got together with friends. Went out to dinner (seeing a theme? ;)) with our moms =) how cute are we? Then went and got some green beer to top it off!

March 18-20 : Took 2 couples in J’s med school class and went away for a weekend retreat to escape it all! Had a blast and got a few couples massages (FYI best thing ever to do post match!)

It really was a fun time! I feel like he has already graduated and we are moving on… weird, since he still has until the end of May for graduation. Oh well.


No words…

16 Mar

Tomorrow is MATCH DAY. I have been sitting around all day TRYING(!) to distract myself. When that wasn’t really working out for me I thought I would try and post something about how I’m feeling on this awful day before the match. You know like, “I’m just too excited for words!” or “I feel like I’m going to throw-up!” or something deep and poetical like that. But nothing was coming. All I’ve got is a racing heart and a “WHERE ARE WE GOING” being yelled deep in my thoughts. So I thought I would reach back into my childhood (ok and adulthood) obsession of musicals and let little orphan annie tell you how I feel…

Tomorrow is less than a day away… I think I can… I think I can…

Bible Study Outreach

15 Mar

I am involved in this wonderful Bible Study group that is comprised of wives of medical students. We range from first years to fourth years. We are nurses, teachers, students, stay-at-home moms and psych’s.

I L-O-V-E this group. We seriously have such a great time. One week last year we decided to do something a little different from our usual study. We wanted to reach out to the local homeless community. We originally wanted to cook something, but (can you believe this?) all the volunteer spots were filled for months! (woo-hoo community! nice!) So we started to brainstorm and eventually decided to make “bags”. Included in these bags were daily essentials (soap, socks, razor and shaving cream, toothbrush and paste, water, snacks, etc) and a list of local resources for them.

Little Baggy Guys

We kept these little baggy guys in our cars and handed them out whenever we came across someone in need. We all enjoyed it so much. Every bag I handed out was met with a “Thank you” and “God bless!”. I must admit something so you all don’t think that I am mother Teresa over here… I am one of THOSE people… you know, the one who pretends to not see the dirty man standing on the middle of the street holding a sign that screams “please help me”. Yup. That’s me. I don’t make eye contact. I turn on the radio… a little louder. Oh! Look over there! Wow! What’s that? Oh darn, light is green. Sorry dude. Sad. I know, but I was raised to think they were drunks who were on drugs and just wanted your money to buy more and that they were crazy/scary/dangerous.

*Funny side note: I once saw a homeless guys with a sign that read: “I’m not going to lie. It’s for beer” Bahahaha, at least he was honest! And another time I watched a guy leave his post in the middle of the street, walk to the parking lot, and get into his shiny Escalade. Hmmmm.*

Ok sorry, back to what I was saying. I never gave these guys/gals anything before. I always would judge them and just keep driving by. After we made these bags and were supposed to hand them out, I really started thinking about this. Just because some people are wanting some cash for drugs/alcohol doesn’t mean that’s what they are all after. And besides, these bags had no money in them at all. So the first time I saw someone and had the bags in my back seat, what do you think I did? I drove right past that guy! Ha! Such a chicken! Well I eventually came back after I was struck with life depressing guilt and handed him the bag. YAY ME! Well since then, I ran out of bags and made my own to pass out. My Bible Study got together again recently to make more bags. Here are some pics of us and all our loot!

Toothpaste and brushes to keep those pearly whites white!

Filling our baggy guys full of love!

For Christmas we each bought a new pair(s) of shoes and socks for the homeless TEENS in our community. (Doesn’t that just break your heart to hear there are homeless teens?)

What have you done for your community?


14 Mar





… now let the waiting begin!!!


13 Mar

… is Monday. The day when we find out if all his hard work and countless hours has paid off.

Holding my breath.

I’m trying to stay distracted, but it’s not working very well since J is on-call tonight and I am home alone. With my thoughts. And the oh-so-slow ticking of the clock.

tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.


2 More Weeks

3 Mar

I know, I know. This is all I have been talking about for a while now. But let’s be honest… what else is there to talk about? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 2 weeks from today we will know the next 5 years. I can’t wait. Although, this morning my first thoughts after remembering the big day is 2 weeks out was CRAP! Maybe not knowing is better. Once we find out, a whole-lotta things need to start happening. So I think for right now I will just (pretend) to enjoy this time of the “unknown” and keep on with (trying to) distract myself.

Match Day Fears

9 Feb

I hope this is my reaction when reading where we match to…

All smiles!


And not this…

Oh noooooooo!!!!

Special thanks to my super cute nephew for his many moods being captured on camera!

Wishing everyone success in this years Match!

*Only 36 more days! … but who’s counting right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

And The Grand Total Is…

3 Feb

So with interviews being done, J and I sat down to look and see what the damage was. Scared? It’s ok. It came to just over $5,000. I’m having mixed emotions… On one hand I am feeling very grateful that we were not THAT couple who ended up spending $10,000+ (sorry for those of you who did and are reading this), and yet on the other hand I am thinking HOLY CRAP! THAT’S A LOT OF $$$$!!!! [money, not a 4 letter word ;)] Just think of all the damage I could do shopping! Oh well.

J ended up going on 27 interviews for both intern year and radiology. Excessive much? Yeah, but what can we say? We like going WAY above and beyond the recommendations so that we can have peace of mind and sleep at night. LOL But in the end, I know it will be worth it. J will have a residency spot (dear Lord, PLEASE!) and the money we spent won’t matter because it will be in the past, errrr, right?

So now we are arguing discussing which programs should be first and at the top of the list ๐Ÿ˜‰ We really have the majority of the list done and have both agreed on mostly everything. Mostly. There are just a few programs he wants that I am not too sure about. So I am busy on Google trying to research everything I can.

Interviews: Check!

29 Jan

All of J’s interviews are officially over and we are DONE traveling! I am so looking forward to be being in our own home for more than a week! He had a great interview season and we are hard at work trying to figure out where to place each program. Any tips on what you may have learned/are learning from this process? Anything would be greatly appreciated!